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Guidance Overview

Guidance Overview

The FAMS Guidance Department is comprised of two counselors, Mrs. Larson and Mrs.Como. For the 2019-20 school year,  Mrs. Como will serve as the counselor for 7th grade students (Last names A-K) and all 8th grade students. Mrs. Larson is the counselor for 7th grade students (Last names L-Z) and all 6th grade students. The Guidance Department provides a variety of programs and services to students and parents. Our goal to help our students academically, socially, and emotionally.

Counseling Philosophy
The Franklin Lakes School Counseling Program believes that all people can learn and grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and also develop a strong sense of moral responsibility. Our comprehensive program is built on the assumption that educational, career and personal objectives are attainable when all students are supported by school counseling services. All students in Franklin Lakes, grades K-8 have the right to receive school counseling services and discuss unique needs. The counselors will serve as a liaison between students, parents and, when necessary, teachers to maximize student success.

Middle School Counselors Believe:
  • Emotional development, like academic development, is essential.
  • Children's feelings directly affect their behavior. Therefore, helping students identify and understand their feelings will lead to better choices.
  • Children need to be heard, and have relationships with adults who talk with them and not at them.
  • Counselors are never disciplinarians so students can consider the counselor's office a safe place. Our role is not to solve students' problems, but to give them the necessary tools to solve their own problems.

Counseling Services

The FAMS Guidance Department provides individual and small group counseling to any middle school student. Counseling can focus on any of the following: academics, social & peer issues, good decision making, family situations and any other area where a child needs support. Students can make appointments to come see a counselor when needed. Parents and guardians can also request that their child been seen by a counselor. Please feel free to contact via phone or email at anytime. Our contact information is listed below.

"Speak Up" and Leadership Group Class Meetings
New this year, all students in grades 6-8 will participate in Leadership Groups based on their interest. These groups are mixed with students in grades 6-8. They meet the first three Wednesdays a month. The last Wednesday per month is a "Speak Up" Character Ed meeting where students meet in their homeroom. The purpose of this program is to change the school climate, prevent and understand bullying behaviors, as well as foster a sense of community for our school. Some of the topics covered in our Character Ed meetings include:
Class Meeting Topics include but are not limited to:
Digital Citizenship
Respecting Differences and Accepting Others
Peer Relationships
Being a Bystander
Cyberbullying and Internet Safety
Finding Your Place
Overcoming Obstacles
Making A Difference

Middle School can be a challenging time for students as well as parents. Please some additional resources below that may be useful to parents and students.