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About Our School

Early adolescence is a challenging stage in the development of all children. They are growing physically, intellectually, and socially more during these years than they have at any other time in their lives. The Franklin Avenue Middle School community recognizes this fact and provides students with the proper support and encouragement so that they may leave middle school with the skills requisite for a successful career in high school and beyond.
FAMS students engage in a wide range of curricular offerings that challenge them to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Instructional time in Language Arts and Mathematics is increased to ensure students will exceed the standards outlined by the state. The Science curriculum is inquiry-based, which allows students to explore scientific concepts and partake in student-centered activities, and the Social Studies curriculum allows students to draw connections between the past and present. Focus in all core subjects is placed on developing critical thinking skills and creating independent learners. In addition, students are exposed to a number of exploratory subjects. All students will experience world languages, music and chorus, art and technology throughout their career at FAMS. 

At Franklin Avenue Middle School, the needs of every learner are met through differentiation of instruction and the integration of technology in the classroom, as well as supplementary classes created to provide support for struggling students by targeting specific skills identified through skill-based assessments. In order to facilitate this goal, faculty members engage in ongoing professional development. In addition, faculty members infuse technological applications into daily lessons to engage the 21st century student. Students create curriculum-based projects using the most updated software applications, and faculty members utilize technological innovations to provide relevance, draw connections, and allow for higher-level thinking development.
Finally, FAMS has a strong support system in place for students who have been identified as struggling. Merit classes are offered to provide skill reinforcement in Language Arts and Math, and the Special Services Department provides a comprehensive educational program for students with disabilities. 

Finally, at FAMS the focus is the education of the “whole child.” That is why character education is infused into students’ daily lives. The Peer Leadership Corps (PLC) is instrumental in getting all students engaged in a “service above self.” Students involved in this group engage in a multitude of community outreach programs that foster a positive sense of self and a feeling of accomplishment for these adolescents. The PLC was recently recognized nationally with a Promising Practices award from the National Schools of Character. In addition, FAMS has received a three-year grant from the Community of Caring to integrate character education into the daily curriculum. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of athletic and extra curricular activities. No matter what they are interested in, students have the resources and opportunity to cultivate that interest during their career at FAMS. 

The mission at FAMS is to instill in our students the skills requisite for success in high school and beyond. The faculty, administration, and parent community are all committed to working collaboratively to achieve this objective. The generosity and support of organizations like the PTA and Education Foundation help to provide programs and equipment that enhance the quality of instruction and environment in the building, while outreach and communication to parents fosters mutual respect and trust between school and community. Observers and visitors alike merely need to walk through the building on any given school day to realize that FAMS truly is a special place. 

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