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Start with Hello Week - Sept. 18-22

Start With Hello Week (September 18-September 22, 2023)


Start With Hello Week celebrates the amazing work of educators, students, and community members in building socially inclusive learning environments for all students. The Sandy Hook Promise created this week to promote inclusion and to support students who are showing signs of loneliness or social isolation. Loneliness is the overwhelming feeling of being left out and social isolation is not having frequent interactions with friends. This week will remember how important it is to be kind, inclusive and reach out to others in our school community!


All Week on FAMS Live -ideas of ways you can be inclusive to others in school! 


Monday, September 18th- Say Hello! 

Say hi to a friend or someone new! Wear your nametag that you will receive in homeroom! Greet someone by their name and strike up a conversation with someone in the hallway or one of your classes! 


Tuesday, September 19th- Random Act of Kindness Day! 

Take a minute out of your day to do something kind for someone else! You’ll be amazed at how  good it feels to make someone’s day by being kind!


Wednesday, September 20th -   Green Out!!! 

All staff and students are invited to wear as much  GREEN as possible!  to recognize Start with Hello Week! let’s  make it a GREEN OUT! Did you know that studies show that the color green has a calming and relaxing effect on our body and mind? 


Thursday, September 21st- Kindness Notes

During homeroom, write a quick note to someone (it can be a  friend, family member, or teacher! Give it to that person this week. A little bit of kindness can go a long way!



Friday,, September 22nd - Connecting Counts!

Wear your favorite shirt with something that means something to you! (Sports team, player, favorite color, music group). You may find someone else also likes the same thing and connects you to someone else! (Must be school appropriate!)